rescheduling takes all attendees with him to the new time

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Hi All, because of social distancing we are setting up a Teams training for teachers for online education. We tried to use MS Bookings where teachers can register and where we used the online meeting option on the service, the service had also a max of 50 attendees. We encountered 2 issues.

First issue is when someone changed their booking it shifts the whole meeting to the new time slot including the people who didn't change and it doesn't update in the trainer his agenda (outlook). Second issue, the person who changed received the same link Teams meeting link as the people who scheduled for a original time. So you get on the same time different meetings in Teams.


We tested this with 22 people who signed up for 10 am meeting and 1 person changed their booking to 11 am. Now all 22 are scheduled for 11 am and 10 am is again available for booking but those booking a new meeting at 10 after the change receive a different Teams link then thew 10 am people before.


Does anybody encountered the same issue or knows how to fix it?

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We are all experiencing this issue, which is a fairly recent one. My company has been using Bookings for over a year with no issues. According to a senior Microsoft engineer, this is now the "default action"... a fancy phrase for bug they didn't think about. There is no work-around. I'd suggest escalating via every channel available. I've tried to start a thread on UserVoice, but it has not been approved as of yet. @Svenovich 

This is happening to us now too! 2 Months and still no bug fix, come on Microsoft!

We are experiencing the same very confusing behavior. Please fix this, Microsoft.