Reschedule sends updated date/time to entire "staff" for selected time instead of one person

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When a customer goes back to manage their booking, and they choose to "reschedule". The customer goes to another date and time and hits "book"


I have "let customer manage bookings" disabled as well. 


Problem is:  it now, sends it to every available member that is available at that time instead of selecting just one person of the available staff for that service.


It's easy to duplicate if someone wants to see it. 


Does someone know how to make it go back to just selecting one staff member that is free at that time instead of everyone?

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We are running into the same and it is causing us major issues. Even if I turn off "customer can manage booking", they still seem to be able to reschedule it and this happens. Have you found any workaround or other way to manage this?

@mfusfield you brought up another good note to add to my original post.  I have "let customer manage bookings" disabled as well.  I will need to go and update that.  


Unfortunately, no work arounds, I have just been telling my customers to please NOT reschedule but to create a new booking.  This causes them to have to repopulate the data into the custom fields I created.

@Victor_Devine Thanks. We are using this to book a limited set of resources as part of crisis response and everything works well except for this. 


Do you have "user can select staff" enabled? That might also work around it but may not be ideal in all situations.

@mfusfield I disabled that feature as well as I have some staff that is more favorable than others and the more popular staff will have a 100% bookings while the others are on the bench so-to-speak 

@Victor_Devine Thanks. I've added "Don't use the reschedule button" to the confirmation emails but hope this gets fixed.

We have the exact same issue! A Microsoft senior engineer says this is now the default behavior. Completely useless and unacceptable! I've tried to raise a thread on UserVoice, but the moderator has yet to approve it. @Victor_Devine 

This is happening to us as well with group bookings.