Require 2 staff members to be available for an Event?

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Good day all! I am working with a few of our departments and wanted some clarification on having 2 staff members required in attendance for an Event. I thought I had done this before (I'm still new to the software), but cannot figure it out now. We have a couple of events that require a specific set of 2 people to be available in order for the Booking to be completed. Right now, the event is looking to see if EITHER are available. How would I go about requiring this to check both staff schedules and display only those times they are both available? Thanks in advance!
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I have the exact same question.   Have you figured it out?

I have not. I haven't had the time to look much into it. I should be working on it this week. I will let you know if/when I find something. Jerome
Have the exact same need so add my vote for this feature to be added to Bookings.
Yep, same here - or any combination of more than one staff member to be honest.