Request cannot be completed right now

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Is Bookings currently experiencing outages?  I am getting a lot of 'Request cannot be completed right now.  Please try again later' error messages when I try and click on Calendar, Booking Page, etc.  and my existing data is not being displayed.  

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Having the same problem with Bookings. The product and page does not seem to be working at all.



Hey I am having the same issue- Bookings has been giving me the same error message for over a week now. Basically any time I make a change and try to save it, it throws the error message "Your request can't be completed right now. Please try again later.".


I've rebooted, ran updates, cleared my cache, refreshed my login, and restarted my browser (Firefox) several times to no avail. I've tried in Chrome as well and have the same error message/issue. This leads me to believe it's not a local issue and that something is going wrong on the MS backend, behind the browser.


MS O365 Service page shows no issues currently, which seems strange given the multiple reports of this error from disparate users.


Please MS, take a look at this issue and help us to resolve- not being able to use Bookings is a huge productivity killer for many organizations like ours.