Remove "Manage booking" button from confirmation email

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I have set up Bookings for our office to use for scheduling outside customers.  I do not have it available for use outside our organization.  When an email goes out to our customer, it includes a button to "Manage booking" which they will not be able to use.


Can this be removed?

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Hi @tparker,


Did you manage to remove this? Or if not, did you manage to stop it working at all?



I'd like to remove this option too!

@tparker Did you find a way to do this? I'm really interested in doing the same!

@tparker  I also want to remove the manage booking!
I have toggled the button that allows customer to manage (to off) the booking because I do not want them to do this on their own. But the Manage button still goes out with the confirmation email and they are STILL able to cancel the booking! I want them to phone me.

I have found a workaround, but it is a real hassle and involves a bit of work.

Microsoft, please fix this!

What is your workaround? Would be great to know!
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@srtaylor  It's a real hassle and not ideal, but after the session has been booked, you can go to the calendar, double click on the session booking and uncheck the "Enable customers to manage...."
It was working for us about 3 weeks ago when we tested it. Not sure if it's still working now, but we have not had too many cancellations by clients.  

Thank you for this. We need to prevent cancellations or changes due to dual calendar management needs and this seems to be the trick that I need to prevent self-service based appointments from being edited by the clients.
It would be nice to have the ability to turn off that feature permanently rather than having to do it manually.
yes it can be done but its a manual process. Once the client has booked, you need to go into "Edit" the booking and deselect "Let Customers manage their appointment"