Remove permission for customers to cancel meeting

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Because of the way our service is set up, the meeting is compulsory.


is there any way let customers book the appointment and NOT display the "cancel" option in the bookings page confirmation and in the email confirmation?


thanks in advance, this is very important for us and our service

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At this time, you can not remove the canceling option on the booking page and email confirmations. 


In this case, you can toggle between send or don't send a confirmation and, I don't think you want that.


Microsoft is currently requesting ideas to improve this app. I encourage you to post your request on the Microsoft Booking Ideas page. with details why you need it and how you plan to use it. This will allow the MS product managers to review your requirement and give the end-users the ability to vote. You also have the ability to vote on other requests.


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You cannot remove before hand but the permission can be removed manually once booking is made by customer. Once the client has booked, you need to go into "Edit" the booking and deselect "Let Customers manage their appointment"
Yes I have seen now that alternative, but since we work with hundreds of clients we cannot manually check that option for every client that books an appointment. I have submitted an enhancement request hoping that they implement the feature in the future.

thanks for the suggestion tho :)