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How do I remove myself from a booking? I am an admin and setting up calendars and then adding staff to those calendars by location but now I am available for bookings in each calendar...which I dont want. 

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Hi @khawe01


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Microsoft defines a Booking Admin as

"Being an administrator of a booking mailbox and having full access and send-as permissions to the booking mailbox."


To add a person as the Bookings Admin aka Super User, without being listed as a Staff member and unbookable, the user

1. can not have the Staff Role as a Viewer, 

2. must run two PowerShell (PS) commands to assign the new status. 

3. These steps apply to all Bookings mailboxes.


The documentation does not say if PS commands change the status of an existing Admin role like in your case. (Sorry, I didn't have the chance to test it.)


However, here is the link to MS documentation with the PS commands. I recommend you work with your IT team if you are unfamiliar with PowerShell. 


Workaround Process: I suggest the following:

* Assign two users with the Admin role; it good to have a backup

1. The bookable admin must create the calendar

2. The unbookable admin must be added via PowerShell. In your case, once added you can take over and apply the remaining settings and staff.


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@khawe01 if your intent is not to receive appointments, you can go edit a service and under the Assign Staff tab, uncheck yourself and check only the people you want to receive an appointment. Repeat this for all services.

If you want to completely disconnect yourself from the calendar, you can add another admin and ask them to remove you from under staff. Note that you might also want to go to Business Information and see if the business email needs to be updated to another address.