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We are removing access to some of the extraneous apps that our users don't need.   I can't find an option anywhere in the Office 365 Admin or Outlook Admin screens that allows me to disable this app either completely or per user.


Anyone managed to do this and can share the steps.

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Same issue here. I can't find a way to remove Bookings which has absolutely no utility for our business. I checked also with PowerShell, but I couldn't find a suitable option to deactivate booking.

Hi Matt / Pierre - Thanks for the feedback! We are working on that but you should add it to the Bookings feedback forum

Has anyone got an update on this?

Hi Malpartida.


I have clients that wish to limit access to the ellements in Office 365 and Bookings is NOT something they wish to use. It is a problem that this is not solved yet (can not be removed in the tiles in the portal), concidering that the product has been in the market for so many months. Do you have an ETA for a solution.

Hi Thomas,


Thanks for your feedback.

We are working to bring user-level admin control for Bookings and expect to have something to share before the end of the year.


You can give feedback directly to the product team at 





why is it so difficult to customise the access panel page?

Hi Dominic,


Do you have more detail on what you are trying to do and where you are stuck?

Maybe I can help.