Re-assigning staff error in MS Bookings

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This is what currently happens when you re-assign a staff member booking in MS Bookings.


1) Parent A books an online Teams meeting with Teacher A using MS Bookings. Parent A receives the confirmation email, Teacher A also receives a copy of the confirmation and sees the appointment in their calendar.
2) Teacher A isn't the correct teacher - so they ask Admin to switch the appointment to Teacher B.
3) Admin clicks on the appointment to edit, switches from Teacher A to Teacher B, saves the appointment.
4) Teacher B now sees the appointment in their booking calendar. Admin sees the appointment for Teacher A now as under Teacher B in the bookings calendar. Admin and Teacher B think the appointment is still occurring as it's showing in the calendar.
5) Parent A gets a cancellation e-mail as soon as Admin changes Teacher A to Teacher B, so thinks the appointment isn't going ahead. No cancellation email is sent to Teacher A or B, so they think the meeting is still going ahead.
6) The online meeting link doesn't work for Teacher B or Parent A, so Teacher B waits and waits with Parent A never showing. Parent A may also try to join from the original invite (if they didn't see the cancellation) and again will wait and wait, thinking that the teacher has stood them up.


I don't think it's made clear enough that it's not currently possible to re-assign staff for online meetings. I find it strange that it only sends a cancellation to the parent, but the appointment still shows on the teacher and ms bookings calendar. The only way to reassign staff is to completely cancel the appointment and start again which you can imagine is very time consuming when there are a considerable number of bookings (e.g. parents evening). 


The process should ideally be like this:


1) Parent A books with Teacher A

2) Teacher A asks for the booking to be switched to Teacher B

3) Admin edits the appointment and changes the staff member to Teacher B for that service.

4) The system sends an updated booking email to Parent A and Teacher B. A cancellation email is sent to Teacher A.




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Yes - this happens with me and my recruitment team as well.

Candidate A is booked with a person, we change it on Bookings to a different interviewer. It changes on Bookings. The teams link doesn't allow the new interviewer to control the meeting and waits for the original interviewer to click the initial teams link.
I am assuming this issue has not been resolved as I am currently experiencing the same frustrations (cancellation emails).