"You do not have access to this bookings calendar"

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I have set up a Bookings calendar as a 'Time-Off Request' calendar in order for Employees (Staff-viewers) to request time off from Supervisors (Staff-Admin) to approve/add dates to the Calendar. 


I envision the employees (staff-viewers) to be able to browse to the calendar, or add the calendar to their Outlook, to see what time has already been approved, then they submit an email to the Supervisor (Staff-Admin) to note in the Calendar what days they will be off.


It works perfectly for the first 10 users (staff-viewers and staff-admin) but when I added the rest of the staff (about 80 people total) none of the additional users can get to the bookings calendar, nor can they add the calendar to their Outlook... instead they get the message "You do not have access to this bookings calendar" even though I've added their E3 and "Business Apps (Free)" licenses months ago... what do I need to do to make these additional users be able to access? Is there a limit to how many staff members there are?


Is there a better way to set up this calendar?

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