"Working Elsewhere" and Bookings

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Is there a way to adjust a service in Microsoft Bookings to be unavailable if my calendar status is "Working Elsewhere"?  I use this setting to show when I'm working remotely.  Basically, I don't want Bookings to offer in-person meeting options if I'm not physically at the office; only virtual Teams services.  I know I can probably hack the system and turn things on & off on specific dates, but that's not very efficient.  And if I use "OOO" instead of "Working Elsewhere", then I just appear as unavailable entirely.



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Unfortunately, I don't think this is the functionality that is available, Booking uses Business hours as default, but you can change them as well by toggling off the sync
Too bad this still isn't working almost 2 years later.
I am trying to set this up as well, with people having flexible days on which they work from home, but unfortunately this still doesn't work


Rather than unavailable when working elsewhere, in our situation I am available for any remote meeting but not available for any in-person meeting.