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Whenever I go to add a customer in, i am unable to click the "Save" button. Many of my coworkers are reporting the same issues on different computers. 

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The same thing here have a big project that is halted because of this. Any solution?

@cbadali  Same here as of last week bookings not allowing to add customer to existing service session.

@cbadali We are also having same problem in our business, and have become heavily reliant on the booking system for our events :(

Can confirm I am seeing the same behavior in our organization across multiple Bookings calendars and account. In my testing the problem appears to be limited to services that have a Maximum Attendees greater than 1. 


Steps to reproduce:

1) Create a new service and set Maximum Attendees to 5

2) On the Calendar create a new appointment

3) Select the Service with multiple attendees

4) Add customers

5) Select Staff

6) Click Save - Nothing happens

7) Attempt to leave Calendar by clicking any other link on the left

8) "You've made some changes" dialog appears. Clicking Save returns you to the reservation page but does not save the changes.