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Hi there,


Firstly, whenever a customer books an appointment they receive two booking confirmations - I would like for them to receive only one. They look somewhat similar, but one looks more "official" than the other - having our logo, and overall more pleasing to look at. The other email is just a link to the meeting. I have tried turning off 'Send a meeting invite to the customer' (from 'Booking Page' > 'Default scheduling policy') but this does not seem to do anything. I would like to get rid of the "unofficial" one.


Secondly, the "official" email the customer receives has a "Price: Free" in the email - how do I get rid of this entirely.


Thanks in advance!




Price: Free

Screenshot 2023-09-18 102835.png



Two emails - want to get rid of the bottom one!

Screenshot 2023-09-18 102804.png

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