Problems setting up Bookings

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I have an Office 365 A3 for faculty account that has Bookings included. It is available for me in my Office apps grid. When I click on Bookings, the web page appears and when i click on get ot now it appears a window to create a new calendar. After I register the Name of the company and the type of calendar, it always sends me back an error message that says:
"There was a problem setting up your reservation calendar, please try later".
This has been happening for quite a while now and I think people from my organization are working with MS on fixins this. Has anyone had this problem before so I can work around it? 
I have attached an image of the error

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you might not have access to create a calendar. Check with your admin.


Hope that helps.

@Ramon_Bej Were you able to get this resolved? I'm having this same issue and the forums don't seem to offer many solutions. 


@Mr_LJ  Yes, it was resolved. But it was through my organizations IT department. It was a compatibility problem on our end. Sorry that I can´t tell you more about it.



We just ran in to this issue because the user was trying to create a booking calendar for an email address that already existed.  In our case they were calling it "Bookstore".  We changed the business name to "Bookings - Bookstore" and it worked just fine.