Problem with setting availability for a date range

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I'm trying to set different availability for a date range to some of my services. Every now and then I get the following message when trying to save my settings: "An internal server error occurred. The operation failed." This doesn't seem to have anything to do with the dates as I'm able to set the exact same dates and time slots for some other services. The dates causing the error seem to be totally random and I can't find any reason for this error. Has anyone else faced this issue? Any ideas how to fix this? 


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I have noticed this too. And I think it happens when you try to set a date that precedes a previously set date. So for example, if you have set 11th of may 2021 and after you try to set 20th of april 2021 it will give the error. Microsoft should fix this bug, but until then you can set the dates in chronological order, which is pretty annoying, because when you forget one, you have to start over. 



My colleague is having an issue when adding dates non sequentially (see the same issue found in this forum)  - and now the MS Bookings Feedback mechanism isn't working. 


Any suggestions of how to get this feedback to Microsoft? 



@CatCrowther @Marco_Reali Thanks for peer support. My plan was to inform Microsoft about this issue but it doesn't seem to work. I wonder if there is any way to ask them fix this bug...