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I was wondering if there was a way to make one of services viewable and bookable to customers who had a specific link? I don't want tour general customer base being able to book a service, but there are a select few who can. Is this possible? 

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I have the same question. Did you find an answer?
I have a similar question. When a customer gets the confirmation email, it has an option to reschedule. If the select New Booking, it takes them to a page with all the service options, which we do not want. We are okay with them rescheduling for the same service, but not all of the services we offer.

I am replying here as I did not see resolution to the original post question.  I am also looking for a way to make a "service" actually private.  Let's walk through a scenario to clarify:

  • I have "Service A" (available to the public) and "Service B" (intended for an invitation-only audience).
  • I send a link to "Service A" to the public, and a link to "Service B" to a specific invitation-only list of people.
  • At some point, "Service A" is no longer applicable so I unpublish it, leaving the still-applicable "Service B" published for that specific invitation-only list.
  • Someone from the public clicks on the old link for "Service A".  Bookings can't show "Service A" because it has been unpublished, which makes sense.  But instead of saying that it is not available anymore, Bookings instead shows the next published thing, even though it wasn't related to that old link.
  • Now the public can see "Service B" even though it is intended for invitation-only audience.  That's not good. 

I don't have an issue with bookings falling back on other publicly-available services I have published.  I have a problem with Bookings showing a service that was not intended for the audience of a different service.


A specific use case (or "user story"):  Let's say I am a hiring manager scheduling first, second, and third round interviews for different roles, and choose Bookings to help streamline the scheduling process.  Even if I unpublish the first round interview "service" after I've concluded that round, someone who was not invited back to a second round interview could click on the link they received for the first round interview "service" and see the second round "service" and know they weren't invited back right away.  OR someone could see a "service" scheduling for a role they didn't apply to.  


How do you make a "service" private (only the intended audience can view it, even if it's the only "published" service at that time)?