Printing not working Bookings calender

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The printing function in the calendar is not working.

See the attached image.


Tried different browsers and different workstations - same issue.


Do you have the same issue or any idea what else could be the problem?



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@KaiLoe this is affecting our org as well - did you open a case with Microsoft? Did you make any progress?

@KaiLoe we are having the same issue in our organization, but I found that if you try printing with Internet Explorer it does work. Tried this morning with a newly installed version of Chrome and it worked once, after that trying to print from Chrome didn't work any more.

I didn't open a case so far. I was hoping someone from MS is reading this as well.
I opened a case and the tech was able to reproduce the error in their end. So they are looking into it.



I have the same problem with MS Bookings.

I can't print from Microsoft Edge and Google chrome, but I can print from Internet Explorer.

When I print from Microsoft Edge or from Google Chrome I get the error message from the picture.

The problem is affective for my whole organization.



I have updated the machine to the newest version of Windows 10 21h1, BIOS Firmware and drivers are also up-to-date.


Do you have an update about the Microsoft case?

@ft_westhoffa This is the update I got from Microsoft yesterday in the late afternoon:

"As per the update received engineering team have developed a fix to resolve the issue.

However the fix will be available on all tenants by end of the week. So issue should be fixed by Friday or Saturday."

So they found the issue, know what is causing it and are aiming to fix it by Friday or Saturday.



Thanks for your update.


I will notify my customers

@KaiLoe @JasonTheKid @ft_westhoffa
I got a mail Friday evening from Microsoft that the issue should be resolved. I tested it out this morning and everything looks to be working normally again. Hope it's solved for you as well.



It works again!

Thank You!