Preventing Harassment / Blocking Unwanted Clients

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One of our business units is having an issue where someone is continuing to schedule unwanted appointments.  I suggested:

  • Copy the service.
  • Delete the original service.
  • Un-publish the new service, so it will not appear on the main Bookings page.
  • Start advertising the new service URL.

This should effectively cut off the original URL.  Unfortunately, we discovered that un-publishing a service turns off that URL instead of just hiding it from the main Bookings page.  We also discovered that when someone attempts to go to the deleted service, Bookings takes them to the main Bookings page where they can see and schedule appointments through the new service (as it must remain published).


Is there another way to block or cut off those who spam appointments or for some reason need to be blocked?  Is there another way to create "private" services?

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