Prevent Access to Main Booking Page

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I want to prevent customers from seeing the main booking page - I only want them to see the Service I share the direct link for. 


If a customer cancels their appointment they are directed to the main booking page rather than just to the service they have been pointed to.


Is there anyway to prevent this? We have different offerings at different locations and staff are booking on the wrong sessions!

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Hi @StewartSLK 


I am an independent advisor responding to Bookings questions.


I think you are on to something great.  The ability to have a "redirect link" to a webpage of your choice for cancellations is brilliant.  It would be nice if Bookings could choose to send clients to the main Bookings page by default, unless the bookings admin selects Service page or a custom page.


Please add this requirement to Microsoft feedback hub and add the link to this thread.  Now others can easily vote for this functionality. You got my vote!


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