Pressing "Make Reservation" does not work.

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I have a customer who uses Microsoft Bookings.

Since 22 february 2024, through the platform, he cannot make a booking on a non-existent client.

Video :

For example, you enter the customer "Hens" (this customer does not yet exist), designate an employee and then you want to press the button but nothing happens.

Before, the appointment was made and the client was automatically created, now nothing happens.

If the customer exists in the list, you can still make an appointment. Also through their website where the appointment module is integrated, it does work to make an appointment for a non-existent customer.

I set up a booking page myself and don't have the problem.

Could this be related to a particular version?

This problem is only since 22/02/2024. Previously, there was no problem when making an appointment on a non-existent client.


Anyone who has also had this problem and knows a solution?

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Any News? Ik have the same problem

Hi @TcmRott, can you please share your Bookings page with me over DM ? 

we had similar issue. but the issue we are seeing here is, if we created a booking, leave, then edit the booking, add customer, the button to update booking does not work. you can close and discard changes, then go back, it will see the customer that we added. If you press update booking 3 times, it will show the same customer there 3 times. HOWEVER, the customer never receives any booking confirmation/teams link.

BUT if cancel the customer from the booking, the customer then receives cancellation notice.

No I did'nt receive any solution about it.
Hopefully it's a bug and can it be resolved.