Power Automate Group Bookings to SharePoint

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Hey guys,

Has anyone managed to use power automate to pull data from Microsoft Bookings into a SharePoint list, to keep a record of things like attendance? Specifically I'm interested for group bookings, as the automate trigger for a new booking seems to only work with the first person booked onto a group session. Additional people booked on would use the updated booking trigger but I don't know how to separate the new data from data that may have already been pulled over.

I dunno if that made any sense but any ideas?


James :)

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Hi James, it’s hard work but you can get the data for a booking as it is updated (via the trigger) and then add it to the SharePoint list one row each time a new booking is updated I.e. a customer is added to the booking.

I have done it by using the last customer in whichever booking has been updated as they are always going to be the last customer in the list.

However, I’m currently struggling with the issue of cancellations as they don’t trigger the flow. There’s not enough guidance out there from Microsoft about managing group bookings via the connectors.

How have you got on since posting this?


Hey Alex, thanks for this, I hadn't thought about using the last customer so will give that a try. Took me a little while to just get the new bookings working as I've never done anything like this before and we have a big variety of group and 121 services with custom questions etc. 

I was going to try getting the days from the SharePoint list and see if I could compare it somehow to find the new entry. But your way seems much simpler.


In terms of structure you can try:

get last customer

create variables for all the top level stuff (ie self service app id, start time and date etc) and add them to an object

use apply to each for the custom answers by adding properties to an object (use a switch to do that)

then you can add the object to the SharePoint list


i used length function to work out if it was an update or a new booking.


hope that helps


not sure what I’m gonna do about cancellations but let me know how you get on.


I managed to do this with 2 flows one with trigger for new bookings and one trigger for when booking is updated

I’m trying to achieve when booking is create or updated add row to a table
however doing it this way when the update trigger runs it automatically adds an apply each and re adds all the users

@Alex_K0 could you tell me how you did your variable it may resolve my issue