Possible bug in Bookings with maximum attendee events

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It seems if you create a service with multiple attendees Service.PNGand have your staff set to have "Events on Office calendar effect availability" Staff.PNG

the first person to book the event will create an appointment in the staffs Office calendar and subsequently remove that time slot from being available.


It does seem there is a work around if you create a dummy staff member with no Office calendar attached and assign it to the event so it's not a major issue.

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@Dan____ Thanks for highlighting this. We really value this feedback. We are working on it and the solution would be rolled out soon. Thanks for your interest and support to Bookings!"



Do you have a solution to this problem yet? I need to set my services so that a single staff member can accept appointment from multiple users in the same time slot. This is for online tutoring, where more than one student may need assistance at the same time. Thank you.

Any updates? We need to use for booking our weight room for 4 students at a time
Hi, do you have an estimated date that this bug might have a fix?
It is a real show stopper for us and I cannot get the workaround that Dan seems to have got working with a dummy staff member.



Hi Jeff,

Are you unable to get the work around working or do you mean it doesn't work for your use case?


Hi Dan,
The box with the Maximum Attendees is greyed out and is set to 1.
I want to set it to 50 but it won't let me alter the number do I cannot get past first base.
See attached screen shot.
Any ideas?


I'm experiencing similar issues. When a bookable service has been setup to a max number of attendees grater than 1, two things happen:

  1. You can't change the number of attendees to any other number.
  2. User names are not displaying on the calendar views. (the screen captures below are from two different bookings of the same service, this seems to be random?)Screenshot 2020-09-16 115408.pngScreenshot 2020-09-16 115624.png


Hi Jeff,


Odd I see that to with some of my bookings orgs. I was able to fix one by adding in an extra person and then removing them and it went back to normal however when I discarded the changes and tried to replicate I wasn't able to.


I have noticed every time I create a new service it is working correctly, is this the same for you or is it any service new or existing?



Edit: looks like this might be a known issue, see here for issue and possible solution


Thanks for the info. I followed the known issue link you posted and found how to use 'Inspect Element' edit the code and then to delete the 'disabled' option.

I was then able to scroll the attendee's wheel and set the number to what I needed.

It is a workaround, for now, I hope MS follows up with a proper fix soon.

Thanks very much for your detective work.