Possibility to book a Microsoft Teams meeting in Bookings automatically

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Bookings is one of the easiest apps to adapt in office365 that brings the fastest and understandable business value for customers. For a half a year i'm planning my meetings only with Booking. www.bit.ly/AudriusEN


It would be a great feature to be able to add a type for consultation services as Teams Call and then the meeting will be sett up automatically after the booking and invite for a Teams Call would be sent too. I'm lacking that feature a lot! 


@Karolis_Urbanavicius @Tomas Trijonis @Robertas Tamosaitis @Tomas Ruzgys what do you think about this feature? :) 


I invite all the Microsoft Partners to join the conversation, because if someone ask me, how to provide understandable and comparable value in 10 min for a clients, i will always choose bookings :) If you are still checking the calendar times and writing emails to external tenant users - you are living in the yesterday. Today is Tomorrow :) 

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Yes, it would be beneficial feature for customers. Hope our team will make it. But for know, you can integrate bookings to Teams as additional tab. Not sure if we provide API for bookings, but if yes, then you can make an app for teams and have it right here.
This was promised in a Microsoft posting late last year, indicating that Skype for Business integration was ready, and that Teams integration would be early this year.

Like you, I use Bookings to schedule web conferences. Unfortunately, it is a painful work-around. I get the booking request, which puts it on my calendar. I then create a separate Teams meeting, and cut and paste the meeting info into the support ticket where I originally gave them the link to book an appointment with me.

What I want is what they said would be available early this year, and that is online meeting integration with Teams. If the appointment is with me, create a Teams meeting, and pass the meeting info on to the person who requested the appointment through the meeting confirmation sent by Bookings.

@David McKnight There must be a way of using Flow or Zapier to do that. I might give it a try

@Audrius Martinkus  I have a solution for this that works great!  The Teams link is the same one that is sent with every meeting. I took that link (shortened it) using bit.ly And added that in the details for every service on your booking page.  When the client gets the meeting invitation it already has that link in it. So its a super simple solution! That way no duplicate work is needed. 


I hope this helps everyone! 

@Andy_N1320 if you don't mind everyone using the same meeting, and are not concerned about privacy, that DOES work. I had been doing that for months, only to have an unexpected "guest" show up one day. Since then, I have created the private Teams meeting for each client appointment. Now it just needs to do it automatically.


Microsoft has another booking assistant called FindTime, which according to the docs WILL create an online meeting. The only problem with this is that you have to send out the meeting request via email, rather than having the client select a date and time they want to book the meeting. If they could just get both (all three?) systems to work together, it would be amazing.


Still standing by...

SO, here is an update. We have started to slow down on using Bookings, specifically because the work-around is too painful. Now most of my Microsoft Teams meetings are generated by setting the meeting in Teams -- and I'd rather allow the user to set the meeting themselves.

Perfect World:
1) Allow the individual to book their own meeting in Bookings, using the time-based rules (including buffer on either side of the meeting).

2) Generate a Microsoft Teams meeting in appropriate staff member's calendar, and that meeting information is sent to the individual who booked the meeting.

3) Do NOT add the buffer to the staff member's meeting calendar; simply use it as a set of time-based rules when the meeting can be booked.

Frustrating example: I have a meeting with a supplier on my calendar tomorrow that is from 2:30 to 4:55 PM. Huh! Why did they send me a meeting invite (that I accepted no less!) for a 2 hour and 25 minute meeting. Oh right... It's from Microsoft Bookings. Aargh!

4) Better still! Allow me using booking rules for a type of meeting to create a recurring meeting for my client on the next three Wednesdays! Meeting #1 of 3, #2 of 3 and #3 of 3. Same time, same Microsoft Teams meeting info, all client-side self service. And if one of the follow up meeting slots is already taken, show them what's available based on booking rules, and let them pick their next best date(s) and time(s) within the confines of the booking rules (e.g., IF the next meeting is supposed to be one-week later, allow plus or minus hours/days so they don't set it for 12 weeks later slowing everything down).

Labas Audriau!


I'm still using the manual method of sending a separate meeting with a MS Teams links to anyone who booked with me. I noticed in your calendar (https://outlook.office365.com/owa/calendar/AudriusMartinkusEN@mokomiejifilmai.lt/bookings/) you have services labeled "Microsoft Teams call", have you already figured a way to automatically add MS Teams webmeetings ?


Thanks a lot!

@Audrius Martinkus 

@Audrius Martinkus 

This is old, but I had same issue, and was googling, and found this page. FYI.. Books app now can book as teams.


I was going to do same thing you did, but luckily I found a single check mark that says online meetings.
its not even in the settings. Its in 
Service, than click on the service, and in there there is a check mark for online meetings and save.


Than wait about upto 30 mins to reflect changes.


Now when your clients create booking with you. They will get the email with a teams meeting invite.


@Kevin Truongthanks a lot! I am quite sure, I have not seen this option earlier - was it "silently" added.


I tested briefly and booked a meeting, and a Microsoft Teams -join link was automatically added, works as expected! 

I didn’t see and announcement. Although TBH I didn’t know about bookings until last week. I am glad there is finally integration with Teams now.

@Kevin Truong  Hello Kevin,  could you share where to find the "Services" tab or info? I could not locate that to turn this feature (Teams meeting included in bookings) on.




ah-ha, I found it finally.   Somehow in ours, it is hidden in "Appointment Type" (as Service).  You can find that "Add Online Meeting" toggle in an existing Appointment type, when you click on "Edit" (the pen)


Very helpful!