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I've been seeing screen shots like the below but cannot find any documentation on this. Anyone have any idea on how to enable this? We have Bookings enabled and calendars created but are looking for this "Personal" booking option for our sales team.






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@Tim Gagne if you're using the new Bookings experience (which I'd reccomend) you would find the link to share in the page below:




@SeanPerry Thank you for this. I think I can duplicate the functionality I was looking for with what you posted , however this still will require each person to set up their own Bookings calendar. In the screen shot I pulled it looks like the OWA Calendar setting would be taking care of this for the users. I have only seen this "Personal Bookings" functionality in two places so far:

  1. From a tweet from a MS employee (Tim on Twitter: "My favorite @Office365 feature lately, personal booking built in to my profile. Bee...)
  2. In news/help found from Duke (Easy Scheduling with Personal Bookings | Duke TodayUsing Office 365's Personal Booking Page | Duke University OIT)

Was really hoping for (what appears to be) a low touch way of allowing bookings for each individual. 


Thanks again!

@Tim Gagne Did you checked if the option is available logging in in FindTime? ( )? Once logged, you have an option top right for the configuration of the Personal Booking details: 


and you can configure everything from there. Is in BETA stage



Or you should be able to get into the config page via OWA, using the settings and searching for "personal":




Hope this helps.

@SKApretto71 - any idea if your tenant is set to get new releases ahead of the general releases? I'm not seeing any of those options in our tenant.

Yes, this features is - as of today - in Internal Preview for Microsoft FTEs only. There is no official statement on external availability, I'm sorry.
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New office roadmap item just published n. 93239

GA in June 2022
Will this be available for consumers?

If this will be enabled for all users as stated in the Message Center Post, is the personal booking page also initially published or will it be disabled and every user needs to publish it consciously?
I dont want MS to automatically publish the booking page for all our users...

@alex_ha19 as far as I'm told, it can be enabled/disabled on a per-user basis. Whatever the default will be, the personal page is by default NOT published until the enabled user explicitly publish it.

Doing nothing does not publish any page.


@SKApretto71 thanks, yes this is what I would expect.

Does anyone know if there is any way, or are there future plans to manage this with PowerShell? I need to find an automated way to determine which of our users has set up a personal bookings page so that I can add the URL to their signature. I have spent a decent amount of time comparing the settings between users with the feature enabled, and users without it enabled and I cannot locate anything.

Hi @AlanShoop, not sure of the question.
You may check pre-requisities with PowerShell following the article here:
This will tell you who has Bookings with me enabled, but if you are looking to identify who has configured and created an actual bookings page and/or the URL of it I'm not aware of a way to get this info via PowerShell today; features in roadmap that are disclosed to public are available, as usual, here:
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New office roadmap item just published n. 93239

GA in June 2022

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