Permission Levels

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Does anyone else find the permission levels available in Bookings to be lacking? From a small business perspective the three levels may work, but for a large organization such as the one I work for they do not meet our needs and are preventing us from using the tool.


In order for a staff member to book or edit their own appointments, you must give them admin access. Admin access gives staff the ability to edit other people's appointments, change and add services, change the hours, etc., which is too much.


There needs to be at least two additional permission levels in Bookings:

  1. Editor MY bookings, which would let staff edit, all of their own appointments.
  2. Editor ALL bookings, which would let this person edit bookings of any staff.

The above two permission levels would be the same as viewer except for the ability to manage appointments as noted. The current all or nothing approach does not work for large business with many locations (we have over 160 service centers).

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I totally agree with the additional permissions that are needed.

Would love to know if they are working on anything like this.