Outlook appointment from Bookings does not disclose Customer

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I am using Microsoft Bookings to allow others to schedule time on my calendar.  I am the only person listed in "staff" and i am an administrator.  


When a "customer" books time with me, the appointment is automatically blocked out on my Outlook and Teams calendar however the appointments do not display WHO the appointment is with.  Nor is this information shown in the android Bookings app.


The only way to know who I am scheduled to speak with is to log into the Bookings web UI, and click on the appointment.


How can I configure Bookings to actually show me in the appointment who the customer is that scheduled the appointment??

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@nydamon You (and I, and many others probably) are suffering from a pretty useless feature of MS Bookings in that if you have the maximum number of attendees for an event greater than 1, then you get the 'NOTE: This is a Multi customer booking' message. If the service has just 1 attendee, then you get all the customer info come through in an email or calendar entry.

Room for improvement Microssoft!!!!!


For a maximum attendee value of 1 set in the Booking Service you get all the useful info

Customer Info
Name: John Smith
Email: me@somewhere.com
Phone Number: 077777777
Time Zone: (UTC+00:00) Dublin, Edinburgh, Lisbon, London

Booking Info
Service name: Single Appointment Test
Location: My place, London, United Kingdom
Price: Free

Custom Fields
Question 1- special dietary requirements?
Answer- Chocolate biscuits, please

For a Multi Customer booking, you get - not a lot!!

NOTE: This is a Multi customer booking. Log into Bookings to see customer information and notes for this event.

Booking Info
Service name: Appointments
Location: My place, London, United Kingdom


agree with your posting, it would be great to have the same "customer info" for singular bookings in a multi booking format.


I'm hoping Microsoft pick up on this, I would like to have up to 15 people book onto a time slot and run a Power Automate flow to send a report of those people to my email daily, so when I get in the office I know who is there without needing to log in to Bookings.

I have tried both Graph API and Power Automate to no success.
End-user feature added without feature in API for administration. We cannot be expecting administrator to open each individual booking or exporting data file manually everyday for back desk automation.
I have tried Graph API for booking (beta), events and calender, none will show up customer info if multi-booking is enabled.

I am also having this issue, regardless of if its a multi-person booking or not as some are suggesting is the issue here. My email / calendar does NOT display any customer info only the service name and the time scheduled. I'd love to know if anyone has figured out why this is happening and a fix/ work around?


I'm dealing with this now and trying to figure out how to resolve it. If you click 'View Booking' on the confirmation email (that doesn't have the calendar appt), it gives you a 500 error! So yes, it's still such that you have to log into Bookings to see who it's with and their contact details.
Seems like a very simple fix would be to send the exact same confirmation email that the booker gets. They get one that has a copy of all the details they supplied.
Having this problem also, Microsoft, please add at least the list of attendees to the outlook appointment info!!