One Calendar for two locations

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We have 5 therapists working across two clinics, both in different towns. Each Therapist would spend a certain amount of time in each clinic each week. Due to the travel time between each clinic, this would be a set amount of time in each and would not vary each week. I have tried and tried to set up my bookings calendar to suit this but I can't do it. Is it possible to set up a calendar for each location with all therapists on each and then sync both calendars?

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I am having this same issue.  I have an agent working at one location Monday-Thursday, a different location on Friday, and another location on Saturday.  I wish there was a way where I could simply choose which locations and times for each staff member.  Were you able to find out how to do this?

No the calendar would not allow it so I had to look at more advanced booking software like Acuity