O365 bookings won't let me change number of attendees

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I'm trying to make an even that 14 people can book but it won't let me change it from the default 1. I feel like I toggled every switch and checked every box but nothing will enable the change, does any one have any advice?



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SOLVED!: I was able to go into "inspect element" of the box and I was able to enable the box and then everything worked


How were you able to commit any changes via "inspect element"?

@Dan_Engelsmeier  I have no idea, my best guess is some script reads the number, not whether the box is enabled or not

@ultrasuperman hmm.  I've got several services I originally set for a max attendees of 3 but I now need to change them to 1.  It won't let me go below 2.  If I inspect the element I see the minimum is set for 2.  I'm trying to figure out any way I can adjust that minimum.

My others that were set up for 1 max have 1 as the minimum so I don't understand why for these it was changed to 2.

If you inspect element, can you change the 2 to a 1

@ultrasuperman I've tried that. But as soon as I save the service it reverts to 2.  I'm stuck having to manually recreate each service with all the booking times.  What I'd give for a copy function or at least the ability to manually type the times.

@Dan_Engelsmeier I had the same problem. I've workaround it by creating a new service and disable the previous one in the same booking page. 

@ultrasupermanI've never used "inspect element." Could you post here the specifics of what you changed?

@ChrisGGCif you right click on (or near) the text box there should be an option for "inspect" from there you can find the number in the box, if you change it on the coding screen then press save/apply on the bookings page that should unlock the option to change the number form the bookings page

@ultrasuperman - So I change the number in the coding screen from 1 to whatever number I want? That was the part I wasn't sure of. Probably seems obvious to anybody who has done any coding at all. Thanks!
Correct, change it from 1 to whatever, then flip back to the actual webpage and save, now you should be able to to change it without going to the coding screen (assuming microsoft hasn't changed anything, I haven't tested this for awhile)

@ultrasupermanhm, couldn't get it to work for me. Our Bookings admin has opened a ticket with MS about it. Says we shouldn't have to go into inspect element to get it to work. ;) Thanks for your replies, though!

Here is the answer we got back from Microsoft in response:


"the feature is still in its developmental state and has not been enabled on all tenants. There are some tenants that currently have the feature enabled which is why there is a support page related to attendee limits."


So, what I've found regarding the max attendees is that when you create the service, you'd better select how many (1 or 2+) people will attend BEFORE YOU SAVE the first time. Once you create a service with just 1 attendee, you're stuck with that (see Radhika's reply). Once you create a service with 2 or more attendees, you can change how many your max is as long as it's always greater than 1. My suggestion for a workaround is if you create a session for 2+ but someday need it to be locked to just one person either create 2 service entries per service (one for 1 attendee - maybe tag it "solo" in the title; and one for 2+ attendees - maybe tag it "group") but only show on the booking page whichever service you currently support. Alternatively, roll the max down to 2 and enroll the staff member to fill one of the attendee slots.


Either way, it's extra work due to an "undocumented feature" [not a bug :face_with_rolling_eyes: ].

Hi@MitchS-SE - That probably works for some people's installations. However, with ours, we don't ever have that option. See ultrasuperman's image from the first post. For us, the number choices are grayed out even with a new service.


One of our Office 365 admins played around with it (including inspect element) and also opened a ticket with MS about it. They replied that it's a feature in development and it hasn't been rolled out to all tenants yet. So I'll have to be patient. No paradise in technology. ;)



Hi Chris,


I hope the following works for you because I had the same problem it was greyed out.


I chose one of my services and in the number of attendees box I clicked 'inspect element' you will see a whole pile of code.  In the code you will see the code and in that specific code for that element click on and delete 'disabled'.  You should then have the option to move arrows up and down.  Choose the number of people and then click 'save' at the top of your specific service.  I'll attach some images for you.  Hope it helps.  Take care, SarahScreen Shot 2020-07-22 at 17.38.51.pngScreen Shot 2020-07-22 at 17.45.43.pngScreen Shot 2020-07-22 at 18.05.28.png

@MitchS-SE thank you, it worked starting a new service

That's great, this worked for me. Thank you for the detail.

yes it worked from 1 to 2 ou more, but didn't worked from 2 to 1, shame. Tried to change min, max, value and type disabled but nothing worked.
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SOLVED!: I was able to go into "inspect element" of the box and I was able to enable the box and then everything worked

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