Notification of New Booking email - details of booking?

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Good morning.  I am using the Office 365 Web App to get my email, and something has changed recently, and I'm not sure if it happened as a result of my having to reinstall Windows 10.


I used to get the email of a new booking and there was a little spot where I could click to get the details from the booking (like the customer's name, phone number, and reason for booking -- all the additional responses I ask for).   


I no longer see that little spot to click anymore, so I have to go into my calendar each time to get this information.  I keep a paper copy of each customer's name and phone number because it's easier than printing out the long pages that come if I print out the details of the bookings.  


Is there any way to get the details from the booking (all of the optional things I ask) in the email notification that I receive?


Any help is greatly appreciated.

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