No transfer of user-specific availability to the Bookings booking page

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Hello Everyone,

Our company is currently testing Microsoft Bookings. The usage is included in our O365 E3 licenses. After the app was activated company-wide, everyone can now create their own booking pages. However, we are encountering issues when creating the booking pages.


In the standard planning policies, the following settings were made for a test page:




The goal is to set certain bookable times while also considering other appointments. The set times are Monday to Thursday from 10 AM to 4 PM, and only when the employee is free. However, on the booking page, every day starts at 12 PM, and other appointments are not considered.




When selecting the employee on the booking page, times outside the set period and during other appointments in the Outlook/Teams calendar are still offered.


Are there additional precautions that need to be taken?


Kind regards,


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