No Teams option for location when using 'Book with Me'

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I've been trying to leverage the functionality of the 'Book with Me' part of Bookings, but for some reason I don't have the ability to make my Booking link a Teams meeting:


However, all of my co-workers have the option, so I suspect there is a setting somewhere that I have disabled to create Teams meetings on my account - unfortunately, I do not know where to find it! Being pointed in the correct direction would be greatly appreciated!

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I've the same trouble with my office 365 Business Basic subscription so, instead to use "bookings with me" I'm using bookings: where I can configure teams meetings
Interesting - I'm on an education A5 license, and other colleagues (with the same license) have the Teams option, so I assumed it was a personal permissions problem somewhere on my account.

@Peter_KIC are you able to see the toggle while creating a meeting in Outlook Web? Book with me is supposed to honor the same setting and should show the provider if its showing in Outlook.

@davisjr I certainly can see it when I get book a meeting via Outlook Web:




It is quite puzzling, because as far as I can tell, my settings are all setup to use Teams in Calendar invites etc.


Now it's working but I'm not sure why

The things I've did is to configure 2FA on my account + add and configure my custom domain on the admin BO

@BrunoBeraud - very bizarre to have it suddenly working for you! I'm configured for 2FA correctly, and other people have the option in my organisation, so I'm assuming that it's configured correctly for most, just not for me!