New columns added in Bookings TSV-export

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Seems Microsoft is speeding up developments related to the TSV-export functionality. 3 weeks ago I reported Bookings TSV export now requires start and end date selection  and Event column header change in TSV export in Bookings . 

This morning our staff reported errors when opening our Excel-query-report, which uses the TSV-export as source file.

Turns out Microsoft suddenly expanded the TSV-export file from 10 to 18 columns.


Updated list of columns in BookingsReportingData.tsv = TSV export file :

  1. Date Time
  2. Customer Name
  3. Customer Email
  4. Customer Phone
  5. Customer Address
  6. Staff
  7. Service
  8. Location
  9. Duration (mins.)
  10. Pricing Type   # new dd. 13 March
  11. Price   # new dd. 13 March
  12. Currency   # new dd. 13 March
  13. Cc  Attendees   # new dd. 13 March
  14. Count Signed Up Attendees Count   # new  dd. 13 March
  15. Text Notifications Enabled   # new dd. 13 March
  16. Custom Fields   # new dd. 13 March
  17. Event Type   # formerly named "Type" dd. 19 February
  18. Booking Id   # new dd. 13 March


All in all this is good news, but I would appreciate a heads up.

Now each change in TSV-export results in an interruption for our staff at the public swimming pool. It breaks down our print-reports in Excel Power Query.

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