New bookings redirects people who sign in with a personal account to LIVE.COM and give error

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When I send out my bookings page to the public, and people who get it are forced to select guest or sign in - if they sign in with a personal microsoft account, they are re-directed to LIVE.COM and it displays the error message that they don't have access "bookings with me".


i understand that personal microsoft accounts can't have bookings with the personal account, but I'm using a work account, sending out the public for them to create a booking with me.   Why is this redirecting them after sign-in to LIVE.COM instead of landing them on my public bookings page.


I know they could know to sign is as guest, but then the process requires them to provide an email, and then requires them to verify that email with a code before making the booking.    (because they aren't logged in as anyone).


Please have someone investigate that redirect to LIVE.COM - that's dumb.



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