New bookings page layout bugs

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I've encountered a couple of small layout bugs while using the new Bookings page.


If you add a larger logo to your bookings page and confirmation emails, it looks rather small and should be made possible to appear larger. It is fine if the logo is just an emblem.


When having multiple service items to select on a Bookings page, a button "Show more services" appears. When your page is in English this appears fine, but using another language (eg. Dutch), the text of the button is longer and not all of the text is visible. Maybe also add an option to show all the services no matter how many there are.


Hovering over the organization's website link and "Powered by Microsoft Bookings"-link at the bottom give them a white color and make them barely to not readable. The white color probably comes from the css of the older Bookings page which had a darker gray background. In the new Bookings it should be changed to have a darker color when hovering over the link.


It would also be nice to make the organization's telephone number clickable on the bottom of the page.


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Do you have a screenshot from this issue?