New Bookings - Issue with Team Member & Scheduler permissions

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I've been testing the new view of Bookings and noticed that users in the Team Member and Scheduler roles can switch back to the old view and delete other staff. They can even delete Administrators. They can delete customers as well. Is this an expected behavior? And if it is, is there a way to force users to stay in the new view?

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That seems frightening.

@CBujak, yes, it is. It would dramatically inhibit our ability to move to the new permission levels. I've opened a ticket with Microsoft. I'll update as soon as I have more information from them. 

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Per Microsoft Support, when you toggle into the old view, Team Members & Schedulers are reverted back to Administrator access. This is because these roles don't exist in the old app. At this time, there is no way to prevent users from toggling into the old view. Their suggestion was to downgrade the users back to the Viewer role, so essentially using the new roles in production is impossible for us at this point.

@Shauna Camp I have calendars with team members, admins, and schedulers and I have toggled between new and old but their permissions have not changed. Are they saying that it will change if they toggle between old and new? 

Yes, they did. It only seems to affect their access to other staff members and customers. They can delete them in the old, but it's restricted in the new. When I checked mailbox permissions in Powershell, schedulers and team members are listed as having full access.