New Bookings - I have some questions and requests

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  1. What happened to a simple link?  Why do I have to copy and paste HTML?  Could I have a link only option?  The HTML often does not work when someone opens on a phone or Apple device.
  2. Why is the link option buried in settings on not front and center?  I need easy access to it.
  3. This is not a proactive tool like outlook.  This is a reactive tool like Calendly.  It allows my clients and prospects to set up appointments with me that are convenient to them.  The new design seems to think I go into bookings to send out an appointment, just like Outlook.  Instead I am always sending a link to people to set up meetings.  The new design slows me down
  4. Have you thought about emulating Calendly?
  5. Are there some tutorials?  Maybe I am missing something in my use of Bookings as a Calendly alternative.
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