Need to move a Booking to another tenant

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I can't join a HUB for Microsoft Bookings. 

Want to know if it's possible to migrate a Booking into another tenant?

If not, best practice.


Sorry for asking this in wrong area, if so.


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My solution for this, certainly not the best way but enough for us.


  1. Used the function export all customers and import them to new location
  2. Own "Staff" was set up manually, classic copy and paste from old to new surface
  3. I got all calendar bookings over by:
    1. Log in to the cloud in the account for the booking and export the calendar
    2. Open the new account in the Outlook program on the computer
    3. Import calendar events -> change to list view -> select all and copy -> paste all events in the correct calendar
      The calendar events are not linked to any person but they are now in Bookings in a new location.

It is certainly possible to do better and smarter, but this is how I solved it.

This migration is supported via third party tool - Apps4.Pro Migration manager. the app will migrate Booking pages along with service and customer details.