Multiple staff in different time zones using assign all - Not reflecting time zone office hours

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I am just starting out testing Booking as a means to allow customers to select a meeting time with us.

I am in a global team with staff from multiple time zones and we work with customers also in varied time zones.

I have configured services that contain 3 staff that are in different time zones and in availability I have configured to us 'Assign all of your staff for an appointment'.
The staff selected do show their time zones configured in Outlook settings correctly.


What I see is that the booking link shows availability for all of us based on the overarching Booking Page time zone which is UTC. It looks like the Canadian staff in ET are therefore showing as available at 3am onawards as they have no meetings booked - regardless that there working hours have not yet started.


Is there a setting I need to change to resolve this. The only work around I can think of is to set a meeting as busy between 6pm and 8am every day for each person in each time zone. But that is messy and should be not necessary in my opinion. 




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Hi @AndyThorpe,


From what I understand your staff's respective availability times are not reflecting properly in Bookings. If this is the case I think what you'll want to do is go into your Staff settings instead of Services, and then edit each of the Staff profiles to match their availability. From what I understand about Bookings there is no way to select their time zone and availability automatically, so you will have to set their times manually there.


There is also an Availability Options setting in Services where you can set the General Availability. Setting this to "Bookable when Staff are free" and having "Events on Office calendar affect availability" on in a Staff's profile may also resolve this issue.


If your issue is actually regarding the times displayed on the Booking Page not showing up as the respective time zones for each configured Staff member do note that a Booking page will only be able to show reservation slots in one time zone. I believe this might default to show the applicant's time zone but if not I think it will show time slots in whatever time zone is set in the "Region and time zone settings" in the Booking page overview.


Hope this helps.

@haoduong Thanks for the response.


When I look at my booking page it allows a customer to book the Canadian outside of their working hours.

I thought of manually setting the working hours for each person to adjust it to the overall time zone but I was hoping there was some logic within the app that could do this so I do not have to keep track of time zone changes across the globe for my team as these change on different dates and I know I will forget at some point.


Ah also just found out I cannot now set a the time for a staff member in LA as they would span over a day IE from UTC they are +8 so his hours are 1600 - 0100 and bookings doesn't allow you to set this