Multiple staff - calendar availability

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Alright, here’s my issue. I have created a ‘service’ for our organization that will require the attendance of three of our staff members. I have added all three staff members to the service and the customer does not have the option to choose which staff member. What I need to have happen is for Bookings to schedule only time when all three members are available, but comparing the available times to the staff members’ calendars, it appears that it’s just looking for any availability. How to I ensure that Bookings is only offering a time when all the require staff members are available?
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@tiffanylynn7 I am running into the exact same issue. I have two team members and I need to have scheduled events only when they are both available. Teams is just pulling from either calendar to find availability, not both. Does anyone have any ideas? 

We have the same issue / same need. Did you ever find a solution?
@tiffanylynn7 I hope you found a solution but if not, in the staff editing page there is a box to select 'events on office calendar affect availability' this should mean that bookings can only occur when that person is free according to their outlook calendar.

@tiffanylynn7 Has anyone heard anything further to this? I am having the same issue as well and it is so frustrating most of the meetings I book with this are for multiple staff.