Multiple staff and room availability check?

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We want to use a setup for MS Booking in which we book several people for a service and at the same time prevent double bookings.


The first step I've done by using a Distribution Group as staff, since I can't seem to get it to book all assigned staff to a service. This "forces" the booking into the calendar of all members of the Distribution Group without checking their calendar for availability. In this case, that's actually perfect.


Next issue to solve is to prevent double bookings. I thought I could simply use a resource calendar and add that as the resource for the service in Bookings. But apparently Bookings doesn't check the resource's calendar for availability. It only check staff, which is useless as I'm using a Distribution Group and need to force the appointment into every members' calendar.


So in short: How do I book multiple staff forcing it into their calendar, while at the same time ensure that no two appointments are made for the same time slot?

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So after a bit of testing, turns out that if you create the service, set the Maximum number of attendees to 2 then reduce to 1 again before saving, double bookings can be avoided.


However, using a Distribution Group as staff has a weird little side effect: Online Meeting isn't added to the appointment... What the heck?


Anyone seen this and found a solution?