Multiple issues with my shared Bookings page

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I have issues with not being able to save changes for weeks on mobile, different browsers, in the New Teams windows app for already existing bookings. After clicking on them from the calendar, Edit and either making any change or not, then clicking on Update booking after the loading blur nothing happens, the screen stays open and the only way is to close it with discard or X then no change is saved.

There are also issues on the users' side when trying to make bookings. There are still available spots but an error message pops up and does not let them book, other times when booking is successful, it does not let them cancel.

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I'm sorry to hear about the ongoing issues you're facing with your shared Bookings page. It sounds frustrating to encounter difficulties both on the administrative side and for users trying to make bookings. Have you tried reaching out to the support team for assistance? They may be able to provide specific troubleshooting steps or investigate any underlying issues with the platform. It's essential to ensure a smooth experience for both administrators and users.
Dear Kelly, Thank you for the quick reply. Could you assist me, how could I contact the support team?
I have tried to submit a feedback on the Bookings platform but did not receive any response and there was no possibility for attaching screenshots.