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I would like to create a Training Service that goes for 3 consecutive business days from 9am-5pm each day instead of having participants register 3 separate times. Anytime I change the Duration "days" to anything >0 the booking page calendar shows/states no availability. 


Is there a workaround?


Thank you

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Hi @leohh 


I am an independent advisor investigating this inquiry.


1. At this time, the Bookings app does not support confirming multi-day in one registration.


2. The Bookings app syncs with a user's Outlook calendar availability.  Under Services, review the Assign staff and make sure the event days in Outlook are not marked as busy on these days. 


Other "Services" settings to check:

  • Availability options. Deselect the 'Default scheduling policy' to prevent possible conflicts. And, verify if the General availability is marked to Bookable when staff are free.
  • Basic Details: I had assumed you already identified the Maximum number of attendees


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