Multiple Bookings Over Multiple Weeks But Limiting Who Can Book Each Week

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First post as just started to use MS Bookings.


Is there a way to invite 15 people to one week, and then a different 15 people to another week, but the invites go out at the same time?

I run my diary, 4 weeks in advance, but want to control when certain people book, so I ideally want to limit the week they book onto.


Is it possible to create a link that I would send out in an email that would limit them to a certain 5 days, but not have to wait till the end of that week before sending the next invite out?


Hope this makes sense!








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Hi Matt,
You could create two different services (Service A and Service B) in the same bookings calendar. You could then configure Service A to have different availability for a date range to Service B.  E.g.


You then copy the service link and email on..


Hope this helps,