Multiple Bookings Issues

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Lately I have had issues seeing details under a book, it will give me the title but nothing else.  This only happens on the web version of bookings.  If I use bookings under teams app it works fine.


Not able to view information, not able to edit bookings, "All Day" times are off

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@Laurvick sorry about this. Could you please share some screenshots of the issue to help unblock you asap?



It is hit and miss, and today it seems to be working mostly as it should.  Here is one thing (I have checked time frames, time zones)

We mark a tech as On Call for Saturday and Sunday all day( Says On Call Saturday 1/6/2024  12:00am to Mon 1/8/2024 12:00am, but it is putting it from 6pm on Friday to 5pm on Sunday