MS Bookings' Update Booking Button not working

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My team is currently facing an issue w/ the "Update Booking" button on MS Bookings. It's not working and it wont send an email to the customers if we reschedule or reassign a meeting. Added email addresses would also not receive an email or calendar invite since whenever we try to book the meeting, it won't work.


Please address this as soon as you can because we are still currently using your services to book all our consultation meetings with our clients.


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@PaulineB16 I am noticing the same issue. I also wish this would get fixed as well.

@PaulineB16@ttmcnult  Sorry to know that. 
Are you using the Bookings C2 page update or through the C1 page (admin) ? What does the message on the Update button click say on UI ? (I mean does it say success and not send the email or fail on the UI itself )

Also, if possible can you share your C2 page with me over DM ?

We have the same issue