MS Bookings Submission Notifications Changed - Missing Information

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I am the MS Bookings admin for my company, and I have a retail store manager that receives bookings notifications and is  on the schedule for the services consumers can select from. I did not make any changes to the admin side of Bookings, but he now receives different information when people schedule an appointment. Phone numbers now have a "0" before them when the consumer doesn't input that, and he no longer receives the customer address even though it's a required field in the scheduler.


As an example, last month he received:

Name: John Doe
Email:  email address removed for privacy reasons
Phone Number: 555-555-5555
Address: 123 Example St, Example, CA 12345
Time Zone: (UTC-05:00) Eastern Time (US & Canada)


He now receives:

Name: John Doe
Email: email address removed for privacy reasons
Phone Number: 05555555555
Time Zone: Eastern Standard Time


Any ideas as to why that would be and/or how to fix it and get back to the information included in last months submissions?

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I'm seeing new results from email notifications as well. Extra spacing, missing additional information. Seems to have started in the last week.

@ThomasSchwoerer Any idea why? Did they change the way submission data appears to your knowledge? It doesn't seem like I can do anything on my end to change it.

Don't think it's anything on our admin side, likely a Microsoft update. I'm hearing reports of cancellations send out as well that my users did not send out, which is concerning. Lots of weird issues in the last week.
Experiencing the same issues, same as you with the numbers and spaces, also having people complain they can't book on a available time, the booking is being added but no confirmation, and at times the booking will delete a pre-existing one made as well, I have no idea if the attendees are being given a cancellation either. Just started in the last week and a bit for me.