MS Bookings: Start end times change after 6 days availability

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Dear Community, 


I have the following issue concerning MS Bookings. Could you please help me out? 


  1. Duration of the service is 30 minutes + 10 minutes preparation next customer, so total duration of the service is 40 minutes;
  2. Default availability of the trainer is set to ‘not available’;
  3. Dates are not consistent, therefore I fill in the availability per day manually;



  1. Default schedule of the trainer is as follows;



If more than 6 dates are filled in manually (at step 3), the duration of the service (timeslots) suddenly changes from 40 minutes to 30 minutes.

6 dates:




More than 6 dates:




Timeslots change from 40 minutes to 30 minutes;

Feature “Select employee” is added to the service (?)



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Hi @hmabb,


I am an independent advisor addressing this inquiry.


This sounds like a bug in the Bookings app.  So, I recommend that you contact the Microsoft Support team.  The agents can report the issue to a product engineer.  


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