MS Bookings - recurring appointments

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There doesn't seem to be an option to set up recurring appointments in MS Bookings - are there plans to add this capability in future?

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Not currently. Can you share more details of your use case and what kind of recurring appointments you are looking for?

@Pratk Monthly recurrent meeting 

We use this set of features for our school counselling service and it's very frustrating to our staff that we can't set up recurring appointments for students. Is there any sign of this feature coming over from Outlook?

This feature would also be a HUGE for me. I see the majority of my clients weekly. Currently in Bookings, I have to add each appointment individually which is very time consuming. It would save me a ton of time to make these recurring appointments similar to how we can make recurring meetings with options of what days of the week and an end date in Outlook Calendar. Is this feature being worked on at all yet?

we are providng monthly value poker sessions for our users with limited seats, currently I need to set up each month manually, and this is the year 2023...

@tezenez I really would like to see this feature.
But, as with a lot of features of Office 365, it seems that Microsoft is removing or not providing really necessary feature.
Like in modern Sharepoint lists it is not possible to create recurring events, because it is technically unpractical.

Ok, but Bookings is a user mailbox with an outlook calendar. Why is a recurring event not possible?
This is an often wanted feature and having a calendar, who does NOT want recurring events?


Get your things together, Microsoft.

I know this post is a bit old, but I have found a way to use Bookings, and set up a Recurring Meeting. 

Book your time in Bookings. Once the event has been added to your calendar, right click the entry in the calendar, an select "Duplicate". You can then use the options in the pop up window to make the entry recur on a schedule you choose, until an end date you choose. Make sure you save by clicking "Send" in the upper left. 

I think what is needed is for this to be automated. For example in my organisation, coaching sessions are bookable. By default we would like to book 6 recurring sessions - one per week for six weeks. It would be great to build something like this into the system. Our problem is that, for example: Janet books me for Tuesday at 2pm, but I'm busy when that booking is recieved so I can't make it recurring for 6 weeks. John then books me for the following Tuesday at 2pm and when I am available, I see both bookings and have to rescedule or cancel John. Now spread that over 20 coaches with incredibly full timetables and it quickly becomes a problem.