MS Bookings - Missing Information & Overbooking

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One of our bookings pages is not allowing us to see the appointment address even though we double checked to see that it is a required field.  In addition, another bookings page is allowing customers to book more than the allotted booking slots.  For example we have at 7:15 time and it filled up the three and opened another appointment allowing one more appointments to be made and showing two more available. 

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@jaredk17 We're experiencing the same problem with the address being missing from the booking even though it is a "required" field. This seems to be a new occurrence of an old problem. FYI - The same thing happened in September 2021.

Thank you for sharing! Hopefully MS is able resolve this issue soon.
Has Microsoft confirmed that there is some issue? We have a number of departments using Bookings and several have complained about these same issues. The only thing I've been able to confirm is that retrieval of free/busy data is slow in Outlook, so it's possible that it's timing out (intermittently) in Bookings and thereby allowing double-bookings.

I've searched the Microsoft 365 Admin Center and can't find any messages or incidents reported.
I had commented in another area, but the MS staff directed me to this forum to resolve my issue..... not really sure where is the right place to bring it up so that it can be resolved. I thought this forum would have been monitored by MS staff.

We have the same issues: address information is being entered by the end users but not being passed through email or on the booking calendar app. Does MS have an ETA as to when this will be fixed?

Unfortunately, they haven't even acknowledged that it's a problem yet. As they say, the first step in addressing a problem is admitting it exists. Until someone at MS does that, they're not going to invest time or effort into fixing it.

Is there another messaging board that we need to post this to that would get more attention? I understand this is an underused application, but it is a terrible user experience. @Chad_V_Kealey 



I had the same issue. We used MS Graph to get the appointments and the recipient was missing in a lot of appointments. This just started happening.

do you use Graph beta API or the V1?

@Babu_Alagarsamy The SDK Latest version. .Net core