MS Bookings is not sending reminder e-mails

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I have a service set up in MS Bookings which is set to send a reminder e-mail 1 week and also 1 day before the booking but customers have reported that they have only received the confirmation upon the actual booking and none of the reminders. I even set up a test booking myself and received no reminder. any suggestions?

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I understand that you're experiencing issues with **Microsoft Bookings** not sending reminder emails to clients. Let's troubleshoot this together! Here are a couple of potential solutions:

1. **Check Email Notification Settings**:
- Visit the **Microsoft 365 website** and log in with your account.
- Navigate to **Bookings** and select the **Bookings Page**.
- Under the **Email notifications** section, ensure that the following options are checked:
- "Notify the business via email when a booking is created or changed."
- "Send a meeting invite to the customer, in addition to the confirmation email."
- Save your changes.

2. **Verify Service Settings**:
- In the **Services** page, select the corresponding service.
- Under **Reminders and Confirmations**, add an **email reminder** and set it to send to **"Customer."**
Hi, Thanks for your response. I already have all those things done. The reminder e-mails were previously being sent however they seem to have stopped recently with customers now reporting they aren't receiving them.
I experience the same problems!
Have had this issue in the past with version updates from Bookings, resulting in manually adding reminder emails to every appointment, as it was a bug.
I do hope this will get resolved soon. As my clients tend to forget their appointments and therefore miss them now.

For me this is a real deal breaker.

@Mattydavidson, I have the same issue. This is a recent problem. This used to work a few days ago.